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Best Things To Buy At The Body Shop \/\/FREE\\\\

Kareem Abouzeid of Knockout Collision Repair in Chico, Calif., is one of the best marketers around. He has been in business for 19 years and is passionate about the industry and how marketing plays a key role in having a successful shop.

best things to buy at the body shop

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Kevin Lester is the collision repair and automotive refinishing instructor at Gaithersburg High School, located in Montgomery County, Md. Over the 25 years that Lester has been the teacher, he has averaged 40 students in his level 1 class and 20 for his level 2 class. Prior to his tenure at Gaithersburg High School, Lester worked in the industry as a body tech and a painter. He also installed auto glass and worked in upholstery shops during the summers. 041b061a72


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