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Download Honor of Kings APK for iOS and Join the World's Most-Played Mobile MOBA

There are a total of 7 large matchmaking tiers, namely Tough Bronze, Order of Silver, Glory of Gold, Noble Platinum, Eternal Diamond, Master Star, Super King, Peerless King, King of Glory and Legendary King in ascending order. Each large tier is further subdivided into several smaller tiers, denoted by their respective Roman numerals in descending order. In the Bronze and Silver tiers, there are 3 smaller tiers each (called Bronze III - I and Silver III - I); the Gold and Platinum tiers have 4 smaller tiers each (called Gold IV - I and Platinum IV - I); the Diamond and Master tiers have 5 smaller tiers each (called Diamond V - I and Master V - I); and the King tier uses a star system to determine rankings. If King players reach to 25/50/100 stars, they are automatically up to Peerless King/King of Glory/Legendary King. The Legnendary King is the highest tier for players to reach.

The honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA where everyone can play their style, utilize their skills, and lead their team to victory! As you squad up with your friends, choose from unique heroes with amazing skills and enjoy fierce team fights, you'll become immersed in the battlefield. A team of five players advances along three lanes, taking down nine towers and eventually destroying the enemy's crystal to win.

honor of kings ios apk

A beta version of the game has been launched by the institution, so one should try it and give feedback so that a better version can be developed. With years of honorable results in worldview narratives, character designs, and gameplay upgrades, the game has evolved into China's preferred form of social recreation. On average, there were 100 people


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