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Hi @joan19, welcome to Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to the Colorectal Cancer group ( -cancer/). I did this so that you can more easily connect with other members, like @travelgirl @lcmtc @kowalski @sbsurfside @susan24 @mom23boys and @wilcy, who have experience with anal cancer or are caring for someone with anal cancer.

@joan19 I can tell you about my friend who had breast cancer about 20 yrs ago and then 10 yrs later she had gotten anal cancer. She had surgery and Chemo for both cancers and it has been about 14 yrs now since the anal cancer. She is doing fine.

Thank you for your post. Being as far out as you gives the rest of us hope. I am 8 months post treatment. I have been told by my surgeon that I also have anal skin tags. Is this something you have always had since treatment? Also I still have bleeding with bowel movements. Is this normal! My three month scan was good told cured but anxious about my 8 month scan. Do you ever stop worrying? I was stage 2 with no lymph node involvement.

Hi, let me start off by saying welcome here but include how sorry I am that you have the need. That being said, I hope the support and random tips and advice will not only help you in physical healing but also let you know that you will never be alone in this. There are many members here who though don't post often anymore, myself included, we still remain in the shadows and pop in to help others through. I think the reason is because this may be still today one of the most difficult treatments physically and emotionally in cancer due to the location, yet also one with a very high success rate in treatment so many of us have been treated enough years ago to have been able to move on, albeit some manageable side effects.

I was initially dx at stage 3b over 8 years ago now and though I have had a couple recurrances (not all that common) they too have been managed and I am living a full active incredibly happy life. In the beginning I knew no one who had ever had this type of cancer so was very guarded on how I discussed any details. I remember just sayingI had lower colon cancer. I have evolved in my thinking that the only way to remove the stigma of the term "anal" is to be upfront yet appropriate for the whatever the situation is. I learned so much during my time of dx and treatment that I was surely not educated enough to discuss much at that time so I'm glad really that I didn't. Do what feels best to you and as the end, its your personal business anyhow. Please come here to ask ANYTHING or just to vent, because this is a safe place and we've been there too so we DO get it!

Please stay in touch here and as questions arise we will try to help out because no doubt someone has had the same concern. Until then, know that I will have you in my thoughts and sending lots of positive virtual healing vibes your way.

I rather like and/or myself. But if one must change, why "anal"?TOPPostReplyReply/QuoteEmail ReplyDeleteEditPreviousNextPrevious TopicNext TopicTopic:Sans Slash (1 of 2), Read 24 timesConf:Word Fugitives, with Barbara WallraffFrom:Audrey Lengel(, September 28, 1999 08:46 PMI'm with Steven that "and/or" is awkward and inelegant, and I can't say I'm a huge fan. But I can live with it when it's properly used. More and more, though, people use it when either "and" OR "or" would be the appropriate word. To me, "and/or" connotes a certain ambiguity. Steven's example "This new policy will affect all home and/or office computer users" suggests the real implication of the policy isn't known. It may affect home computer users and office computer users OR it may affect only one -- and which one isn't known. If the policy will affect both (suggested by the modifier "all"), "and" should be used. I've noticed when editing others' writing that most authors generally mean one or the other, but use "and/or" because everyone else does. I don't think we need a new word, just less of this imprecise and clumsy phrase.

Obviously, it annoyed my colleagues and clients. Even worse though, was the feeling that I perpetually felt stuck and annoyed at myself for never being able to 'stay on top of it all' and that I was constantly letting people down.

Luckily for the greater good of the world, not everyone is an anal-retentive productivity geek like myself. So, I thought I would share my Sunday morning ritual in the hopes that it resonates with you and gets you thinking about your own weekly setup routine (or create one if it doesn't exist).

Even though I am hyper-organised, I do let my mail build up during the week because I am only working part-time and not really in front of the computer as much as I used to be. It occurs to me now that I've had a baby that this is how normal people operate! And it's fine. I've let the idea of inbox zero slide knowing that following my own method is much more efficient and gets the job done.

The more you think about it, the closer the comparison seems to fit. Take the legal system. Christians, as we know, are marginalized in the American judiciary. Only seven of the nine Supreme Court justices are nominal Christians, and of the seven, just two -- Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas -- regularly approve of efforts to codify theological norms as legal ones. More shockingly, from the appointment of Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court in 1916 through the resignation of Abe Fortas in 1969, there has been consistently one Jewish justice -- though Jews never even approached one-ninth of the U.S. population. After things were briefly restored to the proper all-Christian lineup during the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush Senior years, Bill Clinton appointed two non-Christian justices, Steven Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 041b061a72


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