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Shakti Rising: Embracing Shadow And Light On Th... ((NEW))

With the now-classic The Hero With a Thousand Faces (London: Fontana, 1993), Joseph Campbell established a framework for our personal and shared journey that leads to progress, technological advances, and importantly, our individual and collective evolution. The journey begins with a crisis that throws us into a world of confusion and suffering. We are forced to face our deepest shadows, and when we do, we undergo a profound transformation. The shadow is alchemized into light. We then embody this great learning and share it with the world.

Shakti Rising: Embracing Shadow and Light on th...

It was as if the decades of spiritual practice were bearing fruit in unfathomable ways. Happily, this healing process was in complete alignment with the subject of the book, which is that of transforming our shadows to light. 041b061a72


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